detection methods. We applied the automatic MATLAB and ImageJ techniques (section 0.2.3 and section 0.2.2), to the same images we previously analysed using the manual edge detection method. For both automatic techniques, the average area enclosed by the detected edge was calculated and compared to the average areas obtained using the manual edge detectionmethod. Results in Fig. 2A and Fig. 2B show
ible Linker of the Same Length on Env Expression and FunctionTo investigate if V4 and V5 length, or amino acid composition, or both contribute to the importance of V4 and V5 for Env cell surface display and virus assembly, we generated two loop replacement mutants, designated DV4fl and DV5fl, in which V4 or V5 was replaced with a flexible linker of the same length as the original loop (Table 1). F
developed or identified thus far that target any enzyme belonging to the four variants of the anabolic pathways [6,32]. To this end, we are interested in the essentiality of the DapL enzyme in eubacteria that defines one of the four anabolic variants identified thus far. The enzyme converts tetrahydrodipicolinate to L,Ldiaminopimelate in one step circumventing three enzymatic steps in the E. coli
10 glycerol, 150 mM NaCl, 1 mMPIP2 Activation of PKCakinase activity only adding EGTA without any CaCl2 with a reaction time of 30 minutes.Data AnalysisThe dependence of PKCa activity on the contents of the different activators in the model membranes was analyzed by a non-linear least squares fit to a modified Hill equation: y azVmax xn K0:5n zxnwhere y is the measured activity of PKCa, a is the
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